Leap forward with the Xeikon PX3000 digital inkjet label press

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As truly direct and dedicated digital printing technology specialists, we believe you should deal with your challenges in your very own way. That is why we now offer a wider range of digital technologies for a wide range of label applications. The Xeikon PX3000 combines our trademark quality, versatility and speed with the possibilities of inkjet. It’s Panther technology. Its makes quality versatile. It’s very Xeikon.

Run like a panther.
Turn like a panther.

The Xeikon PX3000 is a digital UV inkjet label printing press. Just like that other feline in our family, the Cheetah, it is designed to deal with short runs, more demanding customers and ever higher creative expectations. Think: efficiency, versatility and quality combined - all within the Xeikon ecosystem. You’ll be ready for whatever is behind the next turn.

“In a world with ever-shorter product life cycles, a proliferation of SKUs and a demand for increasingly sophisticated labels to win customers and fight counterfeiting, digital label production is arguably the best way forward to secure a profitable business.”

Ready to take
a leap forward

  • automate your workflows
  • with the X-800 front-end
  • enjoy print media choice
  • self-adhesive media, coated & Uncoated Paper, PVC, PP, PE
  • PantherCure UV inks
  • make quality versatile
  • 600*600d dpi, 330mm or 13" wide
  • need speed?
  • 50m/min or 164.5 ft/min at top speed

Don’t get lost in digital

The digital technology that fits best depends on your application. But which one would suit you? Find out, with the whys and hows, in our in-depth analysis of digital production technologies. And take a closer look at our Panther technology with the Xeikon PX3000 specsheet.

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Xeikon PX3000
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